Małgorzata Krupińska - Cooperation

I graduated from the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Warsaw with a focus on family therapy
and psychology of organizations and work.

  • therapist in a psychiatric hospital in the canton of Bern, in the clinic of psychosomatic disorders
    and rehabilitation in Montana (Switzerland)
    • Experience in the field of addiction treatment mixed (alcohol plus drugs, alcohol, plus other
    measures such as changing consciousness. shopping, Internet, games addictions) I gained at the
    Clinic for outpatients with addictions Petra in Warsaw and Institute of Neurology at the Sobieski;
    • Independent management groups for addicts and their family members in a psychiatric clinic and
    treatment of psychosomatic disorders in Switzerland
    • Nearly three years led a group of people with chronic pain of psychosomatic and professional
    group of people burned
    • The treatment of people with eating disorders, depression, neurosis, anxiety ward psychosomatic
    • For nearly10 years I co-lead family-, couple therapy together with Teresa Ossowska. We have
    • In a rehabilitation clinic in Switzerland I ran individual therapy, family of patients of different
    nationalities, cultures and religions.

What do I do?

  I conduct individual, marriage and family therapy.

  I conduct prevention, diagnosis and treatment of school difficulties

  In my work I integrate multiple methods and therapeutic approaches (systemic therapy; Voice
Dialogue method; New Medicine; Birth Transition- healing of birth trauma). I work with myths,
fairy tales, legends.


In my work I put emphasis on work with certain universal standards of human functioning (as fairy tales,
myths, legends), which are timeless, apply to people of all ages, of different origin, religion and culture.
Myths, fairy tales, legends, stories Pedigree talk about the same, about unresolved tasks, topics not
worked, painful events in family life.

A frequent recurrent theme in working with couples, families is
unprocessed grief, the pain of loss, childhood trauma affecting the relationship between partners in a
relationship, separation and try to merge family- reconciliation of its members. The objective is to reach
the truth, family history, unspoken issues, which in the "here and now" have an impact on the functioning
of the family and their healing through awareness. Family Secrets called. taboos, unresolved conflicts
between members of the family can sign up at the customer's soul (feeling of sadness, despair, grief after
the loss ..) as well as on the physical level in the forms of unpleasant symptom, the symptom (migraine,
allergy, ..)


During current work with Teresa Ossowska, it became possible to a comprehensively treat children in the womb. Treatment takes place on many levels simultaneously (cellular, biological, at ancestral trauma and at the level of the soul client to the healing of the previous records of the child and the whole family).
The previous clinical work and research on the functioning of families clearly shows that the members of the family are closely related to one another on a spiritual level and the collective. There is also the so-called. the notion of collective memory, which is the source of many messages and records relevant to the functioning of a particular family.

I conduct individual and family therapy in Polish and German.


Małgorzata Krupińska
phone: +48 503 081 181
e-​mail: malgorzata.krupinska @ adi​tus​.pl