integrative psychotherapy of psychic and psychosomatic disorder

developing and implementing new methods of psychotherapy

developing the model of functioning allowing people to understand themselves and heal staying in touch with nature

The Aditus Centre for Psychotherapy is open for clients. Apart from the sessions at the location we offer sessions online (Skype) or via telephone. If you are interested in online therapy please contact us to arrange the form of the work.


  Parents of emotionally difficult children, or children suffering from somatic
symptom disorders.
  Families planning to have children and those who are already expecting.
  Families which in the past had difficulties to conceive.
  Accompanying you through the important steps in your life.
  Men who are seeking acceptance of their male anxieties, manifested by mental or
physical disorders ( for example: heart problems, kidney diseases, prostate

  Everyone who would like to know what their symptoms (such like: otitis, skin
lesions; asthma attacks) tell of themselves and the social systems they live in.
  Everyone who has learned how to turn challenges into resources, abundance and
knowledge, and who know that they can multiply that abundance with their own
  Persons addicted to chemical substances, such as drugs or alcohol, who are
determined to set themselves free.
  Persons addicted to other people and behaviors (codependent; Internet, sex, loved
  Everyone who needs more balance and joy in their life, who need to fulfill their




  Individual therapy (in systemic context)

  Couples and families therapy

  Prevention, diagnosis and therapy of school problems

  Educational groups

  Family constellations (where change is induced by working from the soul level all the way
to the biological level, i.e. on the brain, in the tissues, cells and organs)

  Comprehensive addiction treatment therapy including group work and individual

  Spiritual midwifery for women before, during and after delivery

  Training for therapists, psychologists and doctors (addiction treatment therapy;
psychosomatic of the symptom)



The centre, as the name suggests, was seeking the impossible – the way to treat all illnesses.
The centre offers physical, emotional and mental therapy and spiritual level.

We offer individual, family and couple therapy sessions, family-, systemic constellation
sessions, as well as mental addiction (to people, sex, anger, shopping, work, food, internet)
and substance dependence (on alcohol and drugs) treatment.

Individual and group addiction therapy involves treating emotional, mental and behavioural
patterns which constitute the addiction pattern and precede the experience of addiction itself.
We use Recall Healing method, patient’s life-line, Dr. Moreno's psychodrama and
assertiveness training in our work.
A deep change in working with an addiction is achieved by carefully combining these
methods for each individual client.

Systemic constellations therapy involves handling the client’s personal or family trauma and
uses the Recall Healing method, Total Biology, and work with the client’s and their family’s
The centre offers diagnostics of disorders in children and youth at various stages of their
development, as well as their families. We offer assistance for children with behavioural,
neurological and school-related difficulties.
Parents of children with somatic illnesses (nausea, diarrhea, vertigo, allergies, asthma, etc.)
often have undiagnosed psychological or neurological problems, or are addicted to alcohol,
drugs, pornography or work. The family is thus unbalanced. One of the parents is usually
more dominating, and the other – more submissive.
The available forms of therapy are individual, family and couple sessions in Polish and

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Teresa Ossowska

Graduated from the Faculty of Psychology at Warsaw University Specialization I-degree in Clinical Psychotherapy.

Małgorzata Krupińska - cooperation

Graduated from the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Warsaw with a focus on family therapy and psychology of organizations and work.


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29.01.2022 Systemic constellations workshop: “My relationship – my mirror. Where will my relationship take me?”

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