25-26 XI 2016 – Workshop about siblings and for the sibling

   26-27 February 2016  10: 00-18: 00 (Friday, Saturday)
   25-26 November 2016  10: 00-18: 00 (Friday, Saturday)


For this workshop we invite people who want their relationships with siblings were lighter, quieter.
We look for answers to the questions:

  Why do some of the relationships between siblings are difficult, painful?
  What makes one brother or sister feel inextricably bound, and the other does not feel the bond of trust or attraction?
  Why did we choose such a parent?
  Why do we have such a sibling?
  Why do we have similar disease tendencies, like our brothers and sisters?

The workshop will look at the period before the birth, pregnancy, childbirth and post-birth with regard to this which we are a child, who was earlier a child in front of us.
We will tell about the biological, emotional relationships between siblings.
There is no need to personally siblings participated in the workshop, but it is welcome.


We invite those interested in topics:

  Sibling rivalry
  Only child in the family
  Half-sibling, its impact on the system and the health of children.
  People who have or have had a very sick siblings
  Those who have lost siblings as a result of illness, accident, abortion, miscarriage
  Those who have experienced separation from siblings as a result of divorce, separation of parents, to go to boarding school, leave siblings

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