24-24 May 2019 – “A happy couple”


People have different definitions of what constitutes a happy relationship depending on their personality and age. Sensuality, passion and lust are very important at early stages of any relationship.
Other factors gain in importance during the further stages of relationships, e.g. emotions or the feeling of happiness when we can hug our beloved one and feel protected and accepted by our partner.
During our lives, we create models of happy marriages. They are the effect of the relations we share with our parents. These models also result from the way our parents fostered their relationship and how they communicated with one another. Last but not least, these models depend on whether we find similarities between ourselves and our parents.
During our workshop we will discuss how to build happy relationships. It’s good to have a model of happy relationship as a starting point.
1.We know from experience that partners who enjoy happy relationships are usually separated from their parents.
2.They may argue, but they never try to defeat one another.
3.They may be suffer from psychological or chemical addictions, but they continue to develop themselves.
4.They do not demand unconditional love.
5.They are acutely aware of what their partners cherish most.
6.Both partners are diligent and creative.
7.Neither of the partners lives in the shadow of the other.
Happy relationships do not turn into relationships with double dynamics.



  24-25 May 2019, 10:00-18:00 (Friday, Saturday)

Conditions of participation :

  Contestants are required to make a prepayment of PLN 300 either in person or by means of a bank transfer 10 days before the workshop begins.
  Respecting the terms of the therapy contract.
  An on-line or personal consultation with one of the therapists working at the Centre is required for all contestants who have never had therapeutic sessions with Teresa Ossowska (payment is due for the consultation).
  The patients take responsibility for themselves and their therapy (Adult position).
  Attendance is required throughout the entire

This workshop is designed for :

  People who have or have not been in relationships.
  People who wish to build satisfactory relationships.
  People who want to explore their own thoughts on relationships.


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