25-26 January 2019 “When people drift apart – divorce and separation, an educational and systemic workshop”


  25-26 January 2019, 10:00-18:00 (Friday, Saturday)

Workshop Description:

The dynamics of divorces and separations differ depending on the stage of the relationship or marriage. The reason why people break off relationships at an early stage is usually very clear. Some earlier unknown facts are brought to light – the partner’s addiction or issues concerning relations between family members or the partners themselves become more apparent. The dynamics and reasons for filing divorces and separations at the later stages of a relationship or marriage are different.
Usually, partners decide to break off their relationship because they have neither agreed on core issues, developed a satisfactory relationship nor established respect, trust or a common life philosophy.

The workshop will be devoted to the stages of separation, their consequences and to the ways of supporting people going through a divorce (or separation). We will focus on how self-destructive behaviours can be triggered by a divorce or separation and how to deal with them.
We will try to find good-quality sources of support for all people who have the courage or the need to go through a divorce or separation.

We will look into ways of establishing a new, inner home after obtaining a divorce.
This educational and systemic workshop combines the Lifeline Technique with knowledge gained from Total Biology and psychoenergetic analysis conducted with the use of regulatory thermography. It also includes a study of the client’s genogram.
Observers, i.e. contestants who do not take part in systemic constellations, also benefit from the healing field, which is created according to the rule of sacred geometry.

Recipients of the workshop:

This workshop is designed for:
All people who
  are suffering distress and pain after divorce or separation
  got stuck in the process of recovering from their loss and have not come to terms with it.
Conditions of participation
  Contestants are required to make a prepayment of PLN 300 either in person or by means of a bank transfer 10 days before the workshop begins.
  Respecting the terms of the therapy contract.
  An on-line or personal consultation with one of the therapists working at the Centre is required for all contestants who have never had therapeutic sessions with Teresa Ossowska (payment is due for the consultation).
  The patients take responsibility for themselves and their therapy (Adult position).
  Attendance is required throughout the entire

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