Systemic constellation workshop „You can change more in your family, than you think” 11th May 2024

Child’s may serve many functions in the family. In the nutshell: child’s illness always affects the parents’ relationship. This illness brings awareness to the excluded, the unknown and the unsolved in the family..

The solution is not only to invest in an expensive treatment. But rather also to see the existing problems in relationship and broader family, e.g. between parents and grand parents. We observe that in ill children’s systems at least one of the parents is excessively connected with their mother of father.

Child’s illness may be a sign of unfinished mourning for the older child, who was was aborted or miscarried. For example the next child after the abortion may experience loss of appetite, refuse to eat, be sad or withdrawn and live in own world.

Child illness may play many roles in parents’ relationship:
• Increase importance of the parent taking care of the child’s health. This parent becomes less submissive in the relationship.
• Another pregnancy may stop a partner who wants to develop, e.g. have better job. The position of the other parent is not threatened. .

Parents of children with diagnosed genetic disorder often experience anxiety and panic. They often have symptoms of depression, they feel devoid of life, overburdened, lonely and lost. They feel that everyday life is just too much. Often they experience sudden emotion changes and their mood may quickly change from sadness to well-being. Then again the good mood may as quickly change into anger, irritation, emptiness, screaming and feeling broken.

Stress resulting from sudden mood changes is often reduced by one or both parent drinking. When parents drink, the children have to adapt to elevated levels of stress. They never know when a parent may erupt. The children feels threatened, like they lack their own place, cannot defend themselves and get what they need in life. A child of a drinking parent is always in a state of emotional tension.

When a child is born sick or is sick often then one or both parents may feel guilty of it. Family constellations may help with this problem. Most likely the deeper reason for the illness lies in the past of the family.

11 months old girls is separated form her mother, because the mother is hospitalized for thyroid nodules. During the stay the mother is irradiated. The effect of mother’s stay in the hospital and her irradiation is that the mother is very scared for her child. Three months after returning to home the girl looses all of her hair. Woman’s family is frightened by the hair loss. When the family realizes that the girl’s grandfather lost his hair completely when his wife was hospitalized the child’s hair grows back.

Another example:
3 years old boy is subjected to his father fits of rage. The father throws heavy objects at him and the boy must be really quick to catch them. The boy feels unprotected and angry. When “the little boy” grows up and starts his own family his first son is born. During the first year of his life the “newly born boy” turns out that the grandson of the aggressive grandfather is autistic.

Children who are always sick with tonsillitis signal to their parents that the level of aggresion between the parents or in their families is very high. Often on the surface the relationship seems to be good, stable and satisfying. Tonsillitis motivates the adults to look for manifestations of aggression in family both close and distant.

Childhood is a period of intensive laryngological diseases, diseases of the ears, nose and throat. Throat inflammation and tonsillitis are important sources of information about the children and their relationship with close ones.

Recurrent bronchitis in children and adults has its source in the present relationship in the family and with close people. For example the daughter’s husband felt shamed during the diner at his parents-in-law. His fears repeating the situation and couple hours before the visit he has the symptoms of bronchitis.

Often we do not know the history of our ancestors. The illness allows us to look for the missing knowledge about ourselves and our families. The illness makes us look for the sick and excluded members of our family.

The workshop is based on deeply healing meditation, mitochondrial therapy resulting in cellular regeneration, working with client’s mother cell, lifeline and genealogical tree, as well as knowledge of Total Biology.

Even passive participants (i.e. without own constellation) will feel real benefits from being in the healing field.

The workshop is also open to healthy adults. Even if health is not the reason behind participation, the constellation work is a form of prophylaxis.


  Anyone interested in illness in families.
  Anyone ready for a change.
  Homosexual and bisexual people who want to work on their addiction, acceptation of their own identity by themselves or other people. Examples of topics: accepting own identity, fear of rejection by family or pears, how to stop being seen only through the lens of the sexual identity.
  Parents of children failing at school.
  Homosexuals and bisexuals suffering crisis in their families


11th May 2024, Saturday 10:00-18:00


  Prepayment of 400 PLN at least 14 days before the date of the workshop is required. The prepayment is not eligible for a refund if the participant cancels less than 48h before the workshop.
  Adherence to the therapeutic contract (discretion, respecting other participants’ privacy and data, refraining from using alcohol and drugs).
  Participants who have not previously worked with Teresa Ossowska are required to book a private paid session – either in-person or online – with one of our centre's therapists.

 Active participants (i.e. people for whom a constellation is set up) are asked to confirm that neither them nor their close family members are participating in constellation workshop in the 2 week period before and after the workshop.