1st April 2023: Systemic constellation workshop „Family and systemic solutions for illness and crisis in family”

This workshop is aimed at everyone with health problems or undergoing a crisis in the family. We have written extensively about relationships between illness and past or current events in family in many articles (LINK).

It should be mentioned that for the prophylaxis of many cancers and tumours it is important to work through traumas and difficulties, both personal and familial.

During the workshop we will inspect what the participants think about themselves and their lifes. We will propose how change the way of thinking so that it is in service of health and solving crisis in family and relationships.

The workshop is based on deeply healing meditation, mitochondrial therapy resulting in cellular regeneration, working with client’s mother cell, lifeline and genealogical tree, as well as knowledge of Total Biology.

Examples of crisis in a family:

1. An example of crisis in family is a situation when one of the parents is not present in th family, or is present very little. If the present parent falls ill then the adult child taking care of the parent delays shaping own life as long as the parent is alive.

2. An example of an unconscious loyalty to the family is failure at school. “A good son” or a “good daughter” cannot surpass his or her parent’s education level. Such son or daughter may be late for an important exam, forget ID or even to studying, give back an empty test, have an accident during the day of the exam or simply not pass. Such failure may seem irrational, but at the same time may be a good solution form the perspective of the family: e.g. such without higher education he or her will not leave the town and will take care of the parents.

3. Often the reason of crisis is jealousy between siblings, when one of the siblings has supposedly better health or greater successes in life, functions better in life.

4. An other form of the same crisis is a situation when one of the siblings barely functions and other is financially successful and is perceived as more capable and having easier life.
Often there is an unspoken rule in the family to support the unsuccessful members with money and special treatment because “they have a difficult life”. The supposedly healthy sibling does not have the right to have own crisis: to need money, support or to not indefinitely take interest in life of the less capable sibling. If the healthy children dare to be successful or think differently to the rest of the family they are often attacked. These attack may take various forms: jealousy, comparing, envy or thinking that success simply falls into someone laps.

5. Divorce of a sibling is yet another example of a crisis in the family. When one of the siblings gets divorced, usually support from other siblings and members of the family is required. But their reactions may vary. When members of the family are silent it often means that they do not support the decision, they think “the spouse was such a good man or woman, we cannot condemn him or her”.

During the workshop we will look to resolve similar situations.”.


  Anyone interested in illness in families.
  Anyone working with families and health issues.
  Anyone looking for help, for themselves and their closests.
  Parents of children failing at school.
  Homosexuals and bisexuals suffering crisis in their families


1 April 2023, Saturday 10:00-18:00


  Prepayment of 400 PLN at least 14 days before the date of the workshop is required. The prepayment is not eligible for a refund if the participant cancels less than 48h before the workshop.
  Adherence to the therapeutic contract (discretion, respecting other participants’ privacy and data, refraining from using alcohol and drugs).
  Participants who have not previously worked with Teresa Ossowska are required to book a private paid session – either in-person or online – with one of our centre's therapists.

 Active participants (i.e. people for whom a constellation is set up) are asked to confirm that neither them nor their close family members are participating in constellation workshop in the 2 week period before and after the workshop.