20-21 September 2019 – Workshop “Difficult parenting – you can do more than you think”


Understand, accept, change, transform.

The workshop is addressed to parents who want to understand their child’s behaviour or fate, want to adapt better to the situation they are in, to change or transform it. The workshop will not necessarily be attended by parents whose children are rebellious, fight for their independence in an open, sometimes painful and hard, way which is also focused on cooperation. The workshop will be rather an opportunity to meet parents whose children are seemingly polite and cheerful but are hard to communicate with and have their secrets.


Recipients of the workshop:

We invite parents,

  who raise their own children or step children, patchwork parents, those who look after children of their siblings, those who bring up children on their own, those who have children from other relationships.

  of obedient, aggressive, “healthy” and sick, disabled children

  whose children are addicted to sweets and alcohol, marijuana, computer games. Usually, parents do not know if their children are addicted to hard drugs

  whose children have anger, aggression or rage issues or have problems with self-mutilation. Contrary to appearances, the number of self-mutilating children is higher than we think. Parents of such children think that they are an exception

  whose children are full of self-destruction, do not take their chances in life

  whose children suffer from bad mood and are constantly disappointed with themselves.

  whose children joined a monastery, religious community or changed their religion.

  who are divorcing and want to look what is happening with their children

  whose children have problems with overeating or use various diets.

  whose children are homosexual, all parents who want to change their relations with their child.



During the workshop, we will answer the following questions:

  How does difficult parenting change a parent’s life?

  Who have I become because of this experience?

  What have I opened my eyes to?

  How have I started to perceive life?

  What have I started to fight for?

  What mental and physical powers are needed by a parent because of difficult parenting?

  To what point a parent can sacrifice their life to their child’s issues?

  What sources of support can be found in the family and outside it?

  What does difficult parenting change in the life of your family?


During the workshop:

During the workshop, we will reveal subsequent events from the life of a family to shed some light on them, take responsibility for them and, therefore, heal them. Illusions replace the reality and some problems “disappear” by themselves because we know where the real root of the problem is.

We reveal subsequent events from the life of a family which are never discussed, the so-called “family shadow”. This leads to profound healing of the entire family. The entire journey requires much more work than a single workshop.

The results of the efforts made during the workshop may appear in the biological sphere.



20-21 September 2019, Friday-Saturday; 10:00-18:00


Conditions of participation:

  Contestants are required to make a prepayment of PLN 300 either in person or by means of a bank transfer 10 days before the workshop begins.

  Respecting the terms of the therapy contract.

  An on-line or personal consultation with one of the therapists working at the Centre is required for all contestants who have never had therapeutic sessions with Teresa Ossowska (payment is due for the consultation).

 The patients take responsibility for themselves and their therapy (Adult position).

  Attendance is required throughout the entire workshop.

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