21st January 2023: Systemic constellation workshop „How to survive marriage crisis and stay sane?”

A crisis may be very helpful for the development of a relationship. Being in “golden cage” is a state when relationship is still profitable, but at the same time spouses are stuck. “In golden cage everything is fine” while simultaneous there is a substantial unhappiness. We get sick, drink and gain weight. Every relationship entails submission of some aspects of life to the partner, yet the partners should still maintain own autonomy. It is not true that you can be in relationship and maintain self-determination. Even if it is only a sexual relationship it affects other aspects of life: emotional, societal, financial, spiritual, intellectual. It is common for a woman to be dependent financially on her husband.

Famous wars have been and still are fought over whose family of origin is better. Some of them are so divided and dispersed that they are not able to constructively support the young couple in developing as a relationship and a family.

A spouse is always compared to the mother, for example a wife may adore her husband just as his mother did. In such relationship the starting capital given to a husband by his wife won’t be real for a long time, it will be to large. A marital crisis may restore the proper level of adoration for the man.
Whether people enter into sexual relationship depends on their ability to read each others sexual signs.

We choose partners in order either to avoid what we have left in our family house or because the partner reminds us of it. If a pattern appears according to which one of the side provides more financially or emotionally manifests itself early, it will likely be consolidate with time.


  One of the sides in the relationship want the child, the other does not.
  How to maintain a balance when one of the partners is very successful professionally or financially?
  The world-view differences between partners and spouses.
  Miscarriages, abortions and loss of child as a sign of problems in the marriage.
  Child’s somatic, neurological and psychological illness and the marital relationship.
  Somatic, neurological and psychological illness of spouses or other family members and the marital relationship.
  Alpha male, alpha female.
  Partner’s addiction to sex, anger, shopping, alcohol, video games and the marriage.
  When a divorce is a good solution for the relationship and family?
  How to prepare oneself for the divorce?

The workshop builds on Bert Hellinger’s concept of systemic constellations. Currently our methods also incorporate: working with the Life Time Line, Total Biology, perinatal cycle and client’s mother cell.


21 January 2023, Saturday 10:00-18:00


  Prepayment of 400 PLN at least 14 days before the date of the workshop is required. The prepayment is not eligible for a refund if the participant cancels less than 48h before the workshop.
  Adherence to the therapeutic contract (discretion, respecting other participants’ privacy and data, refraining from using alcohol and drugs).
  Participants who have not previously worked with Teresa Ossowska are required to book a private paid session – either in-person or online – with one of our centre's therapists.

 Active participants (i.e. people for whom a constellation is set up) are asked to confirm that neither them nor their close family members are participating in constellation workshop in the 2 week period before and after the workshop.