22.10.2022 Systemic constellation workshop: “Perfectionism – how to regain freedom of choice?”

During the systemic constellations workshop we will present examples of excessive perfectionist behaviours. We will answer the question when an excessive perfectionist person should seek help.

The pattern of perfectionism, exhibits itself in the fact the a person either does everything perfectly or not at all. It is present in sport, relationships, professional life and its other parts.

We will discuss ancestral messages supporting perfectionism. We will give examples of events in family life accompanying perfectionist behaviours. During the workshop we will seek to look at the unaccepted, excluded parts of ourselves.

Perfectionism remarkably focuses us on mistakes, a perfectionist person fears making one. At the ancestral level perfectionism is a memory of somebody losing their way in life, of making a wrong choice. This decision was painful and destructive for a member of the family or other people. If we are on the right path we are active and energetic, we withdraw from destructive behaviours. We admit to mistakes and recognize unrealistic expectations and in consequence are able to withdraw from harmful relationships.

Healthy family knows that its every member has to work though their own shame, and in doing so recognize own limitations.

Such a family knows that every family has its own secrets, mysteries and unspoken stories. These ancestral stories are similar to antique furniture: broken and stuffed in a basement, yet capable of enriching the interior after a renovation.

When a true family history is reconstructed all its members can breathe a sigh of relief ad regain strength. Perfectionist patterns are no longer needed.

All forms of double morality, rigidity and contradiction between feeling, thoughts and actions are warnings signs and should compel us to self-improvement.


22 October 2022, Saturday 10:00-18:00


  You are interested in personal develepment,
  You want to work on a theme of personal life, choice of right education or development,
  You want to work for your children and relationhip with them or in the area of health.


  Prepayment of 400 PLN at least 14 days before the date of the workshop is required. The prepayment is not eligible for a refund if the participant cancels less than 48h before the workshop.
  Adherence to the therapeutic contract (discretion, respecting other participants’ privacy and data, refraining from using alcohol and drugs).
  Participants who have not previously worked with Teresa Ossowska are required to book a private paid session – either in-person or online – with one of our centre's therapists.

 Active participants (i.e. people for whom a constellation is set up) are asked to confirm that neither them nor their close family members are participating in constellation workshop in the 2 week period before and after the workshop.
  Participation in the whole workshop is required.