Warsztat 20.08.2022 “Systemic constellation workshop in Warsaw “Father and children development”

How the father is and how he functions often determinates how the family is being perceived in the social
environment. If the father has good social competences, communicates with his neighbours and his
family, if he represents his family outside well, he supports them, then the child is well protected.
Then the child can develop own potential. Such father has great social power.
For the child’s mental health it is not only important, how the father functions in real live but also how
much he has integrated his unconscious aspects. One ways to answer this question is to consider, whether
the father is addicted to alcohol, sex, power, anger or religion.

It is important, whether the father is mentally balanced, whether he can stay calm in difficult situations
and manage his anger towards his/the children. Even adult children perceive impulsive, uncontrollable
behavior of their parents as expression of bad will: “if only my father wanted to, he would be able to”.

An important aspect for the men as a father is whether he has a job which allows him to support his
family without excessive stress.
The father is an model of manhood. How the father communicates with the mother, the way he treats her
sets the basic example for the child. This example includes the relationship between the parents during the
day and in the night, in terms of their sexual relationship.
It is important, who the father is on the spiritual level, what his values are. How he perceives the world
and what he feels responsible for.
What are his core values?:money, prestige, domination, cooperation, submission, survival, imitation
behavior, development.

Recently, a lot has been said about conscious presence of the father in the life of children and about his
active engagement in the family life.
Even if the parents are divorced or getting divorced the father’s presence in child's life is considered
important. It is extremely hard for the children whose parents getting divorce, if their parents are upset
and feel aversion.
Then each parent may unconsciously invite the children to the role of trustees or a substitute partners.
Such children, who act as trustees of one of the parents find it more easy to enter into incestuous
relationship with their own children.

An adult women once asked during the workshop “Is it normal, that as a child I wanted to sleep with my
father?” Therapist answered “the child may have the wish to sleep with the father, there is nothing wrong
with it, but it is the father’s role to set the boundaries and refuse the daughter”
Grown up children who are fighting with their own father in fact have never separated from him. To
separate from own father means to know him well, to isolate from him, to not repeat that which doesn’t
work for him.

Workshop participants
• Parents, who wants to do work for their children
• Adults interested in the topic of the father-child relationship
• Clients who would like to work with a different theme are welcome
The proposed workshop is based on the idea of Bert’s Hellinger family constellations, but nowadays
our work is enriched by several therapeutic methods such as: working with Life Time Line, knowledge
of Total Biology, perinatal cycle, working with client’s mother cell.


Terms of Participation:
  • Prepayment of 400 PLN at least 14 days before the date of the workshop is required. The prepayment
    is not eligible for a refund if the participant cancels less than 48h before the workshop
    doby przed terminem warsztatu, to zaliczka nie podlega zwrotowi.
  • Adherence to the therapeutic contract (discretion, respecting other participants’ privacy and data,
    refraining from using alcohol and drugs).
  • Participants who have not previously worked with Teresa Ossowska are required to book a private
    paid session – either in-person or online – with one of our centre's therapists.
  • Active participants (i.e. people for whom a constellation is set up) are asked to confirm that neither
    them nor their close family members are participating in constellation workshop in the 2 week period
    before and after the workshop.
  • Participation in the whole workshop is required.


20 August 2022, Saturday 10:00-18:00


ADITUS Ośrodek Psychoterapii
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Teresa Ossowska
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Małgorzata Krupińska
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Workshop conducted by:

Teresa Ossowska

Małgorzata Krupińska



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