While binge eating disorder and anorexia has been known for a long time, the ortorexie reached its apogee in the XXI century. […]

Organizational Constellations

Organizational constellation i.e. the constellations for companies and organizations derive from the same source as Bert’s Hellinger family constellation. What could the […]

Addiction to power

A person suspected to be addicted to power often holds a high office or uses professional position to advance his agenda and […]

Cleaning addiction, obsessive addiction

Obsessive cleaning (compulsive cleaning) may be an independent compulsion or a part of obsessive- compulsive disorder (OCD). Although it is often seen […]

Thanks be to Saint Expedite

Thanks be to Saint Expedite for his unbelievable work during the workshops on 23-24 March 2018 and 18-19 May 2018. Workshop: “Why […]

Mother-in-law’s shoes

If you are in the relationship in the second cycle of your life (beginning at the age of 49) you enter into […]

Sibling relationships

Sibling relationshipsSibling relationships are crucial during family therapy. We distinguish between the so-called “sick child” and “healthy child”.  When parents come to […]