Organizational Constellations

Organizational constellation i.e. the constellations for companies and organizations derive from the
same source as Bert’s Hellinger family constellation.

What could the organizational constellation be used for?

1. They can help to diagnose what processes currently take place inside of an organization.
2. They can help to create better organizational structure so that that everyone will have their own
place in the company and won't disturb each other.
3. It may help to check in which direction the organization develops
4. They can help to find what goes wrong in the organization, where the overload is, and where
the weak points are etc.
5. They can help to better run the organization and improve the internal organizational flow.
6. They can they help to recognize what makes the tension at work place, where the rebellious or
arrogant behavior takes place and where the coalitions are created.
7. They can help to find realistic goals for the organization.
8. They can help to check if a foundation or public organization functions properly.
9. The employee can check, his/her position in the organization. The can find out if she/he
develops properly or if they are trapped inside? The employees can also check if they should
stay or leave.
10. Organization constellation can help to find out who is suitable for the particular position.
11. It can help to check how the employees feel in the organization.
12. They can help to identified health risks.
13. They can help to make decisions regarding the promotion or sale.
14. They can help to determine the relationship with the customers.
15. They can help with the career path.

The business constellation will not replace the own decision making process but they can be an
important decision making tool.

When doesn’t the constellation work any more?
1. The constellation will not relieve you of the responsibility that must be assumed. Each step in
your professional development requires you to deal with certain circumstances and leave
things behind.
2. Sometimes the organizational doesn’t have the strength for the change and then we shouldn't
make the constellation for them.
3. It is important to ask, if the constellation will strengthen the company or make it weaker
4. Constellation allow to see the subject from the other point of view but the responsibility for the
benefits from the knowledge are on the clients side.

In the professional work clear organizational structure is needed, so that different departments of the
organization don’t disturb themselves and can function well. In the clear structure of organization
each person knows, where they belong and what they are responsible for. Each person is focused
on their work. Clear structure of organization allows to make easy decisions.

In an organization, a balance between taking and giving is important. If an employee gives little
or takes little, his/her contact with the organization weakens. Every person in the company should
be acknowledged. The important aspect is whether the company itself has a good balance between
taking and giving and the environment in which it exists. Social anxiety destroys the comfort of

People, who have influenced the history of the organization should have their own place in the
hierarchy. Such people are like the roots of the organization. If people important for the
organization are not respected fairly, the third generation of the employees will feel the same
symptoms as them.

Article written by Teresa Ossowska