24-24 May 2019 – “A happy couple”

ABOUT the WORKSHOP : People have different definitions of what constitutes a happy relationship depending on their personality and age. Sensuality, passion and lust are very important at early stages of any relationship. Other factors gain in importance during the further stages of relationships, e.g. emotions or the feeling of happiness when we can hug our […]

15-16 March 2019 – Why do children go through illnesses and what can cure them? What do children’s illnesses say about their soul and the family? A workshop for physicians and parents

WORKSHOP  DESCRIPTION : This workshop is addressed to physicians searching for long-term solutions for parents whose children often fall ill and remain ill for a long time. During our workshop, we want to convince the contestants that medical conditions often result from psychological conflicts in their families’ histories. The child’s medical condition results from the […]